Environmental Management & Improvement Policy

The policy of MJM Industrial Ltd is to develop, implement, maintain and improve an environmental management system.

Our company’s primary environmental objective is that it should be seen and recognised as an environmentally conscious and responsible organisation, which makes a pro-active and positive impact on the environment which we all live and work in.

It is our aim, in establishing and implementing our environmental policy, we ensure:

  • it is appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental aspects and impacts of our activities, the products we use and the services we provide (so that it contributes to the overall viability of the of the organisation)
  • it includes our commitment to assist in working towards a sustainable future, the prevention of pollution and continual improvement of the environmental management system.
  • it includes our commitment to comply with and where reasonably practicable to exceed the requirements of relevant environmental legislation and regulations and with other requirements to which the organisation subscribes.
  • it provides the framework (particularly the environmental management procedures, with emphasis on management review) for setting and reviewing quantifiable environmental objectives and targets.
  • it is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated by appropriate means, or others who are or may be involved in or affected by our actions.
  • It is available upon request to interested parties.

The general environmental issues that we seek to address and the general approaches that we seek to adopt in implementing this policy, include:

  • reduction of waste and by-products, and reduction of resource consumption including use of energy, by applying best waste management practice
  • prevention of polluting releases to the environment including emissions to air, releases to water, releases to land and energy related emissions e.g. heat, radiation, vibration
  • designing, developing and planning, strategically, existing and new services and products used for optimal performance whilst minimising any negative environmental impacts that may arise from their delivery, taking account of physical attributes e.g. size, shape, colour, appearance, packaging, transportation, environmental performance of contractors and suppliers
  • controlling the environmental effects of raw material resourcing and use of natural resources including the extraction and distribution of same, and distribution, use and end-of-life of products
  • encouraging the protection and proliferation of appropriate types of wildlife and biodiversity
  • ensuring that relevant company representatives are trained to understand our environmental policy objectives and that they have the skills to implement it
  • involving relevant company representatives and all others including the local community in company related environmental matters that affect them

It is important to our business that our serious approach to environmental improvement is recognised by our customers, the general public and our own employees and sub-contracted representatives including suppliers and all other organisations and people we from time to time work alongside and with whom we must co-operate to ensure the continued success of our business and projects.



Rev008 07/03/2023