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International Reclaim Carousel

Reclaim Carousel View

Airport terminal carousel Installation with relocation and provision of wayfinding beacon, stainless steel gates and advertising screens.

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Access and Bridging Platforms

Bridging Platform

Design and manufacture of access and bridging platforms installed for a client facility.

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Acoustic Sliding Doors Installation

Opened Sliding Doors

MJM Industrial engineers designed and installed acoustic sliding doors for this waste processing facility.

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Airport Terminal Plenum Ventilation

Heathrow T5 Plenum Ventilation

Our client is on a green energy footprint campaign to reduce all carbon emissions and running costs across the airport.

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Handrail Strengthening

Handrail Strengthening Feature Image

Numerous handrails in an airport baggage area needed strengthening to provide resilience against accidental collisions from baggage bins.

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Smoking Shelter at Airport Terminal

Smoking Shelter Pathway FIv1

MJM Industrial designed, built and installed an airport terminal airside smoking shelter to improve the customer experience for passengers.

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Airport Baggage Recovery Facility

Main Hall v3

MJM Industrial renovated the Baggage Recovery Facility in this airport terminal by installing heating, lighting and ventilation.

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Digital Advertising Portfolio

The installation of digital advertising infrastructure using the latest generation of digital screens to reach airport passenger audience.

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Removal Of Bridge Advertising

A lightbox situated on a bridge above the main entrance and exit road to Heathrow terminals needed to be removed for urgent repairs.

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Airline Office Pipework Replacement

The chilled water pipework in the ceiling needed replacing due to widespread water damage to ceilings and walls.

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Bump Protection For Load Docks

Provide additional protection to load docks, to ensure the safety of baggage operators and prevent disruption to baggage operations.

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Parking Enhancements at Terminal

We created a new airside parking area at airport terminal by clearing the identified location and installing new infrastructure in compliance with HAL standards.

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Baggage Load Docks Upgrade

The Airport Terminal load decks needed upgrade works to improve the health and safety of operators and the efficiency of loading bags into containers.

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Warehouse & Communal Areas

Mezzanine Floor Warehouse

Our client required new infrastructure in their warehouse to use space more efficiently and provide better working conditions for their staff.

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