Waste Management Policy

This policy has been produced to supplement our general ‘Environmental Management & Improvement Policy’ and to specifically address the applicable requirements of the ‘Site Waste Management Plans Regulations 2013’.

It is the policy of MJM Industrial Ltd to comply with the applicable requirements of the ‘Site Waste Management Plans Regulations 2013’ in addition to the general requirements under our company’s explicit or implicit ‘Duty of Care’ under the following statutory acts/regulations.

  • 1995 Environment Act
  • 2007 Finance Act (Climate Change Levy)
  • 1990 Environmental Protection Act
  • 1991 Environmental Protection (Duty of care) Regulations
  • 2002 Environmental Protection (Controls on Ozone-Depleting Substances) Regs
  • 2013 Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations
  • Waste Oil Directive - refer to Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regs
  • 2005 Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations
  • 2003 End-of-life Vehicles (‘ELV’s) Directive (The End-of-Life Vehicles Regs 2003)
  • 1994 / amended 2000 Batteries Directive (The Batteries and Accumulators (Containing Dangerous Substances) Regulations 1994); The Batteries and Accumulators (Containing 2000 Dangerous Substances) (Amendment) Regulations 2000
  • 1993 Clean Air Act (Clean Air Act 1993 (c.11))
  • 2015 Environmental Damage (Prevention and Remediation) Regulations
  • 2008 Site Waste Management Plans Regulations

It is our intention and objective to reduce and minimise to the most reasonably practicable extent, the amount of waste and hazardous waste generated and to minimise to the lowest volume reasonably practicable, waste sent to landfill by exploring and utilising all available cost effective properly authorised and certificated waste recycling services.

This policy is implemented through the operation of our BSI ISO 9001:2015 quality management system (certificate FS666939) and through the parallel operation of our environmental management system.

Relevant records, including waster transfer notes, copies of our own and our suppliers’ Environment Agency waste handling certificates, etc. are generated or obtained and held on file indefinitely for reference by appropriate authorities and interested parties.

Where appropriate, in-house or client/principal contractor-originated registers, records, forms, etc. are generated, updated and completed as applicable with relevant items held in our own systems, either electronically or in hard copy format as appropriate.



Rev008 07/03/2023