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Airport Terminal Plenum Ventilation

Heathrow T5 Plenum Ventilation


Our client is on a green energy footprint campaign to reduce all carbon emissions and running costs across the airport. Specific to this project, they were looking at energy consumption spent on ventilation that filters fresh air into this terminal. This required meticulous end-to-end project management which included works such as survey planning for logistics, traffic and pedestrian management, removal of 12 large axial fans and filters from site, installation and amendments of the supply to the energy efficient fans and waste management.



The old and heavy filters required removal via the ventilation towers in three plenum chambers, situated 65m above ground. Once retrieved, the filters will be taken out onto the roadside, followed up with licensed waste management. At the time, this airport terminal welcomed about 32 million passengers per year. Part of the project’s complexity laid in this incredibly busy and highly regulated locality. Additionally, the large 90kw axial fans which required replacing were sited 55m underground with restrictive, limited access.


Specialist abseiling engineers had the important task of removing old filters located 65 metres above ground at the top of the plenum chambers in three plenum locations. MJM teams needed to scale to the top of those and remove all internal filters that were clogged, lowering them down 65 metres without risking breakage. These filters were then retrieved through the ground level, onto the roadside. 

In addition to the filters of the North, Central and South plenums, there were 12 original 90kw axial fans located 55 metres underground to be replaced in these three locations. Calculations had concluded that replacing them with 184 new energy efficient fans that were smaller and easier to maintain, fulfilled the brief successfully.

It should be noted, we are a certified, qualified waste management company. With the immense challenge of access restrictions in the plenum, coupled with our working window from 11pm to 4am, all project phases were well timed and executed successfully.

Project Feedback

All new fans delivered, and old fans removed as required as well as electrical (mains cable supply) installation of the new fans all completed without any issues.

Client Project Manager

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