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Handrail Strengthening

Handrail Strengthening Feature Image


Within the airport terminal baggage facility area where hold baggage is loaded into metal bins for transport, a number of protective handrail barriers were susceptible to extensive damage. The damage was resulted from being battered by the metal bins moving into and out of the loading areas. As the existing handrail barriers were fixed into the floor without reinforcement, they were bent sideways, causing them to fold over onto the pedestrian walkway.



This was a safety concern for staff members working in the area as the damaged barriers obstructed the pedestrian walkway. Our brief was to repair and strengthen the handrail barriers, ensuring their resistance to impact from the loading bins. This is to increase the level of protection for staff members and reduce the maintenance costs of barrier repairs.



There were eleven handrail locations within the terminal baggage area which were identified as “at risk” of collision from the ULDs (Unit Load Device). The existing handrails had been previously constructed using steel tubes and key clamp joints, bolted into the floor of the baggage hold area. MJM Industrial proposed a barrier reinforcement solution. The barriers were now reinforced and fixed into the ceiling infrastructure. We designed the handrail extension to retrofit onto the existing handrail construction, thereby providing an economical and sustainable design solution. This not only helped our client reduce costs, they now gained a newly upgraded handrail barrier that resisted ULD collisions.

All our works were carried out at night to avoid any disruption to the airport. MJM Industrial arranged all permits to carry out the work, demonstrating conformity to airport policies and regulations. Importantly, our design solution across all eleven handrail locations has been approved by the airport as fully compliant with their safety regulations.



Client Feedback

All scope completed to specification and customer satisfaction.

Client Project Lead


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