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Check-In Lighting Upgrade

T5 Check In Lights Front View


The lead contractor requested the support of MJM Industrial’s electrical engineers to upgrade the lighting system behind the passenger check-in desks at Heathrow airport. The objective of this upgrade was to provide a better customer experience by brightening the environment, reduce energy consumption by installing LED lights, and decrease the ongoing maintenance task of replacing failed lights. Compared against the costs of continuing with the existing lighting system, the brief requires the delivery of a new overall cost-saving proposal. This included the installation upgrade costs and future energy consumption calculations in a defined investment period.


MJM electrical engineers replaced all the existing fluorescent lights with new LED light fittings. In addition to LED technology’s green credentials, new LED lights had the benefit of not requiring diffusers, thereby making the overall environment brighter and very well lit.

The main challenge for this work was in gaining access to the lighting system. The lights were positioned behind soffits situated above the conveyor belts which transport luggages from the check-in area into baggage control. Given the height of these lights, MJM engineers needed to use an elevated platform in order to work safely. These platforms had to bridge the conveyor belts, without any risk of damage to the belts whilst providing a safe and stable working area for the engineers.  Due to the differences in the width and depth of the area behind the check-in desks, erecting the platforms became a complicated process. This required MJM engineers to develop different bridging solutions in each work area.

Any work our engineers carried out had to be completed during the night hours to avoid any disruption to the airport operations during the day. The MJM project team was responsible for arranging all permits and protocols required to complete the work, including electrical isolation of the conveyor belts whilst the work was in progress.

All the lighting upgrades installed were fully tested at project handover, to ensure that they were ready for commissioning into the airport DALI system. The project was completed on time, on budget and per all the requirements outlined in the scope of work.


Client Feedback

1000% Improvement

Great Job. Well Done all. Great Fitting excellently installed.

Client Project Leaders


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