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Theme Park Complete Drive Package

Complete Drive Package


Roller Coaster

MJM Industrial replaced and updated the main lift chain of this roller coaster. We engineered a complete drive package which included the enhancement, remanufacture and installation of a brand new upgraded lift chain, new sprockets, new bearings and hubs.

Specialist working at height qualification was required for our engineers that needed a boom lift to work on the lift chain at the pinnacle of the roller coaster. A crane was used to lift the sprockets up to the working platform. MJM mechanical engineers subsequently overhauled the gear box, recommissioned and tested all moving parts.

Boat Ride

MJM Industrial specified, modified, enhanced and upgraded the lift chain that brought the Boats from the bottom to the top of the ride. New sprockets, as well as green wear strips were supplied and installed, reinforcing the chains that run on the UHWMPE (Ultra High Weight Molecular Polyethelene).

MJM engineers inspected and assessed the wooden boards to identify those that needed replacing. Our team proceeded to supply and install the required new boards. Importantly, MJM Industrial designed a new lubrication system with colour coded segments to ensure the correct lubrication is administered through the PPM schedule. We are proud to say, the system is still in use today.

Water Ride

For this particular water ride, MJM engineers fitted newly improved lift chains and a new gearbox. We specified and manufactured new sprockets and supplied new lift chains as part of our complete drive package. All works were completed successfully within three winter months, during the shut down period.


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