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Warehouse & Communal Areas

Mezzanine Floor Warehouse


The client wanted to repurpose their existing warehouse space. Half the warehouse space was previously allocated to their in-house production workshop whilst the remaining half contained racking for storage. As the client decided to outsource their production work, the entire warehouse space could be dedicated for storage use and packaging activities instead. In addition, the communal areas of the warehouse were in need of refurbishment. These areas included the office entrance, stairwell and two kitchen areas.



The project was complicated by the client’s needs to keep the business in running operation during our refurbishment works. This meant the work area was not an empty space to begin with. Any stock or materials stored in the warehouse had to be moved systematically and reorganised area by area, in order for us to carry out the refurbishment. Subsequently, we increased the warehouse storage capacity by installing racking that would utilise the available space more efficiently as well as the installation of a new mezzanine floor.



The new racking and reinforced mezzanine floor increased the storage capacity in the warehouse, better utilising the height and created more flexible storage areas. Increasing the space between the racking also made it much easier to utilise any machinery such as forklift and pallet trucks to safely move items around. The stock items can also be stored more securely, with the whole environment becoming a safer space for staff to work in. MJM Industrial also furnished the communal areas with new appliances and carried out a thorough redecoration of the spaces.

When completed, the communal areas were seen as a big transformation by staff members. Similarly, the warehouse entrance and stairwell were completed to a professional visually appealing finish, leaving a positive impression on the client’s visitors.

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